• Mentors

    Peng T. Ong

    Managing Director

    Monk’s Hill Ventures

    Jeffrey Paine

    Managing Partner

    Golden Gate Ventures


    Stanley Zhang

    Managing Director

    Jubilee Capital Management

    Nawal Roy

    Founder and CEO


    Noel Joyce


    Head of Design


    Eddie Chau

    Co-Founder of V-Key, Neeuro, Brandtology, e-Cop

    Tian Hongfei


    Green Pine Capital

    Sameer Narula

    Managing Director

    August Global Asset Management

    Foo Kim Peng

    Executive Director

    iSpace Innovations Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

    Erin Entrekin



    Jeffrey Nah

    Managing Director

    JN Capital

    Leon Toh

    Founder & Director

    Damson Capital

  • Thanks to all venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and industrial experts who joined 30.111 over the years


    Jeffrey Paine, Managing Partner of Golden Gate Ventures

    Yiping Goh, Venture Partner at Quest Ventures

    Jussi Salovaara, Managing Partner Asia at Antler

    Annie Choy, Former Managing Director of IBM

    Leonardo Hao, CEO of GT Robots Pte Ltd

    Moren Levesque, Professor at York University

    Priscilla Han, Head of Investments of REAPRA

    Aravind Muthiah, Co-Founder and CTO, Rockport Technologies

    Shailesh Kharkwal, Founder and CEO, EnvironSens

    Sanjay Pushparajan, Entrepreneur First

    Jing Jie Huang, Co-Founder and COO, Novocall

    Xavier Ang Guan Yang, Strategy and Operations, Nickel

    Foo Zhi Chuen, Co-Founder and CEO, Movinc

    Tseng Ching Tse, Founder of Vault Dragon

    Melissa Lou, Co-Founder of Delegate

    Jacqueline Ye, Co-Founder of Delegate

    Ritesh Angural, Founder of Rovo

    Terrence Ngu, Consultant at Hashmeta

    Leon Toh, Director of Damson Capital

    Foo Kim Peng, Executive Director of iSpace

    Sayjel Patel, Assistant Professor, Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation

    Li Wei, CEO, CSF Ventures


    Robyn Tan, Co-Founder of Wellnessly

    Loh Zheng Rong, Co-Founder of TouCan

    Delane Foo, Co-Founder of Novelsys

    Charmain Tan, Co-Founder of Pear Comms

    Tushar Mohan, Co-Founder of Souchef

    Junhua Liu, Founder and CEO of Proqod

    Gao Zheng, Co-Founder of LINBO Nearfield

    Noel Joyce, Head of Design at Hax Accelerator Shenzhen

    Ryan Sim, Co-Founder of We The People

    Nison Chan, Co-Founder of We The People

    Joel Leong, Founder of Travel Lab

    Michael Sng, Founder of Machination Studio

    Tat Leong, Co-Founder of CoDoMo

    Aditya Batura, Co-Founder of CoDoMo

    Leon Leong, Co-Founder and CEO of Boldr

    Leon Toh, Founding Director, Damson Capital

    Shenzhen design / prototyping / manufacturing / product realization

    Yang Yang, CEO of World Maker Group

    Kevin Zhang, Product Realization Expert, World Maker Group

    Helen Tan, CEO, Higgs Hub

    Eddie Chau, Founder of eCop, Brandtology, Neeuro and V-Key

    Jeffrey Nah, Managing Director of JN Capital & Growth Advisory

    Lujie Chen, Assistant Director, Smart Nation & Digital Govt Office

    Looi Qin En, Former COO of Glints; Founder of Half Grand

    Justin Hall, Principal of Golden Gate Ventures; Kauffman Fellow

    Adeline Setiawan, Co-founder of FabCafe and Saturday Kids

    James Tan, Managing Director of Quest Ventures

    Sameer Narula, Managing Director of August Capital Partners

    Corinna Chong, Senior Director of Marketing, SUTD

    Joseph Lew, Director of Red Dot Robotics


    Stanley Zhang, Founding & Managing Partner of Jubilee Capital Management

    Gan Fong Jek, Managing Partner of Jubilee Capital Management

    Kelvin Ong, Managing Partner, TNB Ventures

    Hau Koh Foo, Director, SMU Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

    Corinna Choong, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications of SUTD

    Leo Hao, CTO, GT Robots Pte Ltd

    Jeff Lin, Vice President, iGlobe Parnters

    Leon Toh, Founding Director of Damson Capital

    Yong Sheng Le, Assistant Investmnet Manager, VentureCraft Group

    DeLane Foo, Co-Founder and Chief Designer of NovelSys

    Toi Ngee Tan, Co-founder of JUVO Labs

    Adeline Setiawan, Co-Founder and Chief Designer of Fab Cafe

    David Cao, Vice President Sales, Benchmark Broadcast Systems

    Erin Entrekin, Partner, Think Place

    Luccienne Blessing, Co-Director, SUTD-MIT International Design Centre

    Sayjel Patel, Researcher and Manufacturing Specialist, DmanD SUTD

    Ye Shen, Manager (Investment), SPRING Singapore

    Hian Huat, Manager (Industry and Enterprise Development), SPRING Singapore

    Kelly Choo, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Neeuro Pte Ltd.

    Tushar Mohan, CEO and Co-Founder of Souschef

    Donny Soh, CEO and Co-Founder of QLIPP

    Leon Leong, CEO and Co-Founder of Boldr Watches

    Hung Yi Ho, CEO and Co-Founder of The Arc Boards

    Yong Sheng Tan, Co-Founder of The Arc Boards

    Wei De Toh, Co-Founder of The Arc Boards

    Howard Tang (NTU), Co-Founder of SmartAHC

    Stephanie Wu (SMU), Founder of CampassLoft

    Zhao Liang, Co-Founder of Tuitui

    Chaoran Ju, Co-Founder of Tuitui

    Adytia Batura, Co-Founder of CoDoMo

    Tat Leong, Co-Founder of CoDoMo

    Brandon Chen, Co-Founder of FOM Innovations

    Jaron Lee, Co-Founder of FOM Innovations


    Ong Peng Tsin, Managing Director of Monk’s Hill Ventures

    Eddie Chau, Co-Founder of e-Cop, V-Key, Brandtology and EC Frontier

    Adam Gilmour, Founder of Gilmour Space Technologies

    Nawal Roy, Founder of Holmusk, HelloPay and RH Partners Capital Group

    Jeffrey Paine, Founding Partner of Golden Gate Ventures

    Stanley Zhang, Founding Managing Director of Jubilee Capital Management

    Tian Hongfei, Partner of Green Pine Capital

    Rahul Basole, Director of Tennenbaum Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Corinna Choong, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications of SUTD

    Kristin Wood, Co-Director of SUTD-MIT International Design Centre

    Leo Hao, Vice President, GT Robots Pte. Ltd.

    Leong Chee Hong, Co-founder, Boldr Supply Co.

    Kawei Tan, Co-founder, Boldr Supply Co.

    Nicola Castelnuovo, Co-founder & CCO of Crowdonomic Media Pte. Ltd.

    Teo Keng Pheng, Lead Incubator at StarHub

    Olivia Seow, Co-founder of Ring Theory Pte. Ltd.

    Asa Lin, Product Strategist of Mogics LLC

    Adrian Tan, Program Director of Vietnam Innovative Startup Accelerator

    Philipp Kristian Diekhöner, Senior Manager of LumenLab, Metlife

    Bradley Camburn, Chief Engineer, Gilmour Space Technologies